11 Types Of People You'll Definitely See At Comic-Con

First time Hall H line-waiter, we feel for you the most.

When most people think of San Diego Comic-Con goers, they think of one thing and one thing only -- the Cosplayer.

Well, specifically the Slave Leia-style Cosplayer with hair up to here and boobs out to there, but guess what? Having attended the world's most famous Con, we can assure you that there are multiple other "characters" that you will 100 percent be encountering in San Diego this July.

Here are the 11 that you should definitely look out for -- and every time you see one, take a shot! (Of espresso! Because you'll be tired!)

1. The Parent Who Is There For Himself

Denver Post

Yeah, little Stevie REALLY wanted that autographed copy of "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- Artist’s Edition." Look how excited he is.

2. The Parent Who Is Legitimately There For Their Kid


"We support you no matter what, sweetie."

3. The Autograph Collector


"Are you famous? If so, can you sign this?"

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4. The Career Con


It's hard to call these gals Booth Babes, because that term tends to invoke a negative reaction for some reason. Some ladies, like LeeAnna Vamp, attend Cons year-round and do this ish for a living. If you want a first-hand look at the underbelly of Comic-Con from a pro's standpoint, these are the people to know.

5. The Tired Celebrity

Shaunna Murphy/Facebook

Press lines plus panels plus autographs plus plane rides plus parties equals very tired famous people. Maybe try to give one of them a hug, see how that goes.

6. The Person Who Is Legitimately Only There For Comic Books


This guy has it made, because he's the only one who won't have to wait in terrible Hall H lines or face soul-crushing rejection at parties.

7. The Guy Who Is There To Hook Up


You'll find him repeatedly giving his iPhone to his buddy so he can pose for photos with groups of hot lady cosplayers. Also, if he's in line, he'll likely be on Tinder.

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8. The Hall H Line-Waiter Who Has Been There, Done That And This Time Brought Cool Stuff To Do


A fully charged phone, plenty of friends, and preferably some cool toys to play with? Yeah, this guy's been here before.

9. The Person Who Has Never Waited In Line At Hall H Until Today And Had No Idea What They Were In For And Now Their Phone Is Dead

Healthy tip -- avoid this person at all cost. They might kill you.

10. The Dog Riding A Motorized Vehicle


Okay, so they're technically not people, but expect to see many of these. Dogs plus motorized transport plus Comic-Con just mesh, apparently.

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11. The Slave Leia


Well, okay, yes -- she will be there.