'Teen Wolf' Poll: Could Chris Argent Really Take Down His Own Sister?

The Calaveras are demanding he go after the werejaguar.

Discovering a presumably dead sibling is actually alive would be reason to celebrate for most, but, as usual, things aren't so cut and dry in Beacon Hills.

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, Chris Argent, who only recently returned from Paris thanks to a longshot text-alert from Scott McCall, was forced to confront the fact that his sister Kate was running amok as a recently turned werejaguar and killing at random. Worse: The Calaveras were after her.

The werewolf hunters, who have been in relentless pursuit of Kate ever since she left several of their own dead, explained to Chris that they'd sent the fearless bounty hunter Braeden after her but that they hadn't heard from Braeden in a while. They feared she was dead, and reiterated to Chris that all hunters are to abide by a single code: Hunt those who hunt you. It took some convincing, but he recited the words back to them to prove his commitment to his craft.

Now, Chris, who's already lost his wife and daughter, is stuck between a rock and a hard place -- his sister is back, but he might be obligated to help take her out. So, if and when the moment comes, do you think he'll be able?

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