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Want A Kendrick Lamar Guest Verse? This Is How Much It’ll Cost You

Start saving.

When you're Kendrick Lamar, and your major label debut was widely recognized as an instant classic, and every verse you drop is anxiously awaited by fans, it turns out you can charge a pretty nice price for your guest spots.

How much?

On average, $250,000 -- and one time, the California native even charged $400,000. This, according to a new story story in the August issue of Complex, which features K. Dot on the cover.

So if you're reading this with hopes of coming up off a Kendrick feature on your next mixtape, better start saving. Yesterday.

The piece didn't reveal much about the highly-anticipated follow up to good kid, m.A.A.d. city, reportedly scheduled for release later this year. But it did feature a few choice quotes from some of hip-hop's elite who -- as you may have guessed -- had some decent things to say about the 27-year-old.

“Kendrick shook up the rap game, so anticipation for his second offering is through the roof,” Nas told the magazine. “Kendrick’s an album guy and the album artist has a whole different kind of value. Kendrick is going to be one of the most important writers of our time; dude’s a rhyming animal. Whatever he does will be appreciated, but at the same time he knows he has to bring it.”

And then there was Pharrell, who worked on GKMC and infused the talented wordsmith with what he looks back on as some much-needed advice. “I was on the tour bus going back and forth on the text with Pharrell,” Kendrick said. “I asked him, ‘You think they gon’ get it?’ And he told me, ‘Don’t ever doubt yourself again. Always be aware but don’t ever mistake your first mind, your input of where your heart is at.’”

The TDE rapper also admitted that he feels "B.I.G. and Jay will always be the King of New York” (a response to his own claim as the Big Apple's king in "Control"), and weighed in on the Macklemore text message, of course.

Maybe the best takeaway from the story, though, is confirmation of something that we already believed was true: Kendrick Lamar is hard at work on his new album, and has already recorded more than 30 songs for the project.