Radhika Marya

Kendrick, Grimes, Earl Sweatshirt And More -- Check Out Their FOMO-Inducing Pitchfork Snaps

It's almost like you're there. But not.

Photos by Radhika Marya

Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival has drawn to a close, and if you attended the Chicago shindig, you're likely currently lying on the floor, festooned with stickers, wristbands and those dying flowers they were passing out like some kind of nouveau Ophelia. If you didn't make to the fest, well -- you missed a lot. Hope you enjoyed all that sleep.

From Neutral Milk Hotel's singalong of a set (no photos -- or jumbotron -- allowed) to St. Vincent's onstage possession (she basically played the drum with her head) to Kendrick Lamar's (literally) show-stopping headlining slot, this weekend was... well, FOMO-inducing for all y'all posted up at home, I'm sure.

Lucky for you, though, a handy little invention called a "camera" exists and we've got some fest highlights below. Scroll through really slow and maybe roll around in some dirt and it will be like you were there!

Strumming in the sunshine with Sharon Van Etten

Phone break

Twin Peaks bringing new meaning to the term 'rock 'n' roll'

Pusha T just pushin' us all to dance

Danny Brown makin' like Miley -- or Marnie

St. Vincent, right before she used her head as a kickdrum. Yes, really

The crowd -- enraptured

Perfect Pussy starts a perfect moshpit in a perfect party dress

Earl Sweatshirt revives and raps

The Dum Dum Girls bring the dark tunes and the dark threads

Slowdive dives right into their long-awaited reunion

Grimes comes out blazing with ribbon dancers and a wind machine

Radhika Marya

Kendrick Lamar closes out the night strong

And we raise our phones in reverence