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This 'Simpsons' Fan Set A World Record With His 41st Tattoo Of Homer

Ay Caramba!

If you're like us, you love "The Simpsons." But you don't love the show as much as Lee Weir.

Weir is a 27-year-old New Zealander and "Simpsons" super-fan who loves the show so much that he just got his 41st (!) tattoo of Homer, all on his left arm.

And Weir's Simpsonic arm isn't just getting noticed through social media: he actually set a Guinness World Record with tattoo 41. The record, of course, is "Most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body," which means that he's lucky the tattoo artist didn't misunderstand him and put a little Bart in there instead.

Perhaps more impressive than simply 41 tattoos of Homer is that they're all tributes to different states of the character from the show. You'll see obese Homer with his Muumuu, Homer as the logo for Japanese company Mr. Sparkle, Homer as Death, Krusty, a fetus, and a ton more. The level to detail is pretty amazing, especially considering they all fit on one arm.

Homer Tattoo

Weir is making up for the fact that he was banned from watching the show as a kid (probably due to Bart's antics). The quest for the record also caused Weir to go sober for a year (Homer could barely go without Duff beer for a month), so he could save the money to get the record-setting tattoo.

So contrary to Homer's belief that no beer and no TV will make you go crazy, Lee Weir proves that no beer, with a bunch of TV, might just make you a World Record holder.