Brave Child Plays Pattycake With The Rock, Survives With Limbs Un-Crushed

The top-secret 'Pattycake Workout' is the key to Dwayne Johnson's heroic physique.

Hercules may have slayed a Hydra, but he's not without his weaknesses: the legendary hero just can't turn down a pattycake request from a little blonde kid. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tweeted this pic from behind the scenes, in which he obligingly pats the cake of one of his diminutive co-stars.

The photo is as unnerving as it is adorable, considering that the little girl is literally the same size as just one of The Rock's massive biceps. Is this even safe? Shouldn't the child be wearing protective padding and a mouthguard?

"Hercules" hits theaters on July 25.