The Tale Of Ariana Grande And The 'Insufferably Loud Frog Sex'

This is the story of how a pop princess and fornicating amphibians struggled through the night.

Ariana Grande has a beef with these frogs having sex outside her window.

Procreation is crucial for the sustainability of our ecosystem, but one thing is certain: they are loud as all get out. And Ariana will be the first one to tell you -- in a tweet.

While our planet has evolved in amazing ways (if you want your mind blown, just think about how birds are just tiny dinos), I doubt that amphibians have developed the skill for social media yet. I mean, I just taught my mom how to email, so humans aren't even 100 percent there yet. So, Ariana, I'm not sure your tweet got through to these little green guys.

Thankfully, Ariana knows a thing or two about handling an iPhone, and swiftly took to the task of masking the "insufferably loud frog sex taking place outside my window" with an app. Hey, frogs have to copulate too. But pop stars have to sleep.

Perhaps if the "Break Free" singer would've DMed them, things would've gone a little smoother?

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