youtube/ tvtag

See Walter White Float Serenely In Space Before His Head Falls Off

From a distance, the world looks blue, like meth.

We're not sure why the folks at tvtag (formerly GetGlue) decided to strap a Walter White bobblehead to an industrial-strength helium balloon, outfit the apparatus with a hardy camera, and launch the whole thing into the stratosphere. But we're certainly glad they did! It's oddly soothing to watch the One Who Knocks float up, up, and up, until his bald pate and yellow jumpsuit are magnificently framed against the marbled curvature of the earth.

Sadly, Walter's return to the desert from whence his adventure was launched works out even worse than it did during his first run onscreen. In six seasons of "Breaking Bad," at least the real Mr. White never suffered the indignity of being decapitated by a cactus.