5 Surprising Reasons Why A Wedding Makes A Great First Tinder Date

An interview with Tinder Terri, a girl who met her boyfriend on just such a date.

Tinder is for people who want to find each other without wasting time. If you REALLY want to date efficiently, meet the person for the first time at a family wedding. Don't believe me?

Enter Tinder Terri. "Tinder" isn't her real first name. That's a nickname she got when she showed up to a first date at a wedding. Her date's family organically started calling her that.

When I asked her why should would agree to such a thing, she answered, “He’s not going to murder me at a family wedding.” And guess what, he didn't. Even crazier he (Shane) became her boyfriend and they're still dating months later.

Like you, this struck me as shocking. However, after speaking with Tinder Terri, I now find it more shocking that more singles aren’t utilizing this tradition for a great first date. Here's why:

1. Get The Family Part Over Early

“I met more of his family than anybody else he previously dated,” Terri confessed. That can come with more serious implications. But for Shane, it was just his way of saying, “I have a really cool family.” They’re not pressuring him him to marry the first hot person to mutually swipe right, but are open-minded and down with whatever hook up technology the kids are using.

The kind of person who thinks meeting the family fast-forwards you into a serious relationship stage would be looking for anything to accelerate it. Taking them to a wedding brings this to the surface faster, so you know what you're dealing with.

2. Free And Easy Dinner

You might not be ready to share (or buy) a meal for someone you’ve never met. That’s cool, the bride and groom have got you covered. It might feel a little opportunistic, but think of how much they fought over food logistics. It’ll be nice for them to know that at least one stress-free first date came out of it.

“There is no time to worry about being nervous or awkward over dinner, unlike a normal first date,” Terri said. A wedding is one of the few first date settings where neither of you are responsible for dinner conversations. That is what drunk uncles are made for!

3. Dancing Is Abundant

You can tell a lot about a person by how they dance: Can they have fun? How are they in bed? Do they have any weird philosophical objections to the "Electric Slide"?

“Shane was a terrible dancer, it would’ve been embarrassing in any other situation,” Terri joked. If you're a terrible dancer at a wedding, laugh it off by dancing with the kids table. If it's a regular first date, any comparable move looks super creepy.

4. Open Bar!

“Everyone around you is drinking, which makes it easier,” Terri said. Not everyone needs an excuse to drink on a Tinder date, but access to an open bar makes it that much easier. Plus, seeing how someone deals with unlimited booze is crucial when considering a romantic relationship. Some couples wait years to find this out and that can get weird (you might see them at the same wedding you're at).

5. It's Easier To Pick An Outfit

Having to dress formally actually takes the pressure off of what to wear on the first date. Terri claims, “I didn’t have to think as much about it. Except when I showed up and we accidentally matched. He had to change.”

Unlike a first date, the best part about this party is that it’s never about you. You both look your best without ever feeling the discomfort of being the center of attention, because no bride would allow that. That makes for a good wedding, but an even better Tinder date.