Radhika Marya

These 8 Hairstyles Will Make You Want To Dye

Call your stylist.

Photos by Radhika Marya

Chicago, IL - You know that one dude/chick at work with blue hair? You probably call him/her "the office hipster" and s/he just laughs and smiles and plays along -- but will totally steal your yogurt out of the communal fridge later as revenge.

At Pitchfork Music Festival, friends, said blue-haired girl/boy is the norm and you are the weird one -- dyed hair is as common here as ants swarming a fallen slice of pizza. #Seapunk isn't dead.

We've got our favorite Technicolor heads here at Pitchfork Fest below (Not included: the author's own tinted hair. Sorry I took your yogurt, dude!).

Now curl up and dye.

1. Katie's red hair had us green with envy

We bet Kendrick, who she's here to see, will be able to see this Chicagoian from stage.

2. Grace's purple hair don't care

She brought her awesome follicles all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to see Grimes.

3. Chloe's locks go perfectly with her sunnies

The better to see St. Vincent with.

4. Emily's green hair is definitely money

Her love of Deafheaven, however, is free.

5. Kendra's blue 'do is angelic

Just like her favorite, Grimes.

6. Check out Tae's bold red locks

As bold as Earl Sweatshirt's rhymes.

7. Josh, Alisha and Aleena look pretty blue

Perfect Pussy probably cheered 'em up.

8. Morgan's hair basically won the weekend

Radhika Marya

As did, for a lot of people, Neutral Milk Hotel.