And Now For Some Frolicking Lamb Games Because Cute Stuff

Now we can all have little lambs, thanks to Youtube.

The perfect anecdote to any boring Sunday (or any day, for that matter) is when an assortment of adorably wee animals get together and have some silly fun and some lucky, blessed human videotapes it for the rest of us. Today's animal du jour are lambs. And they are 100% guaranteed to send you into a tailspin of cuteness overload.

Aww JEEZ just look at them as they frolic about — to and fro their running and jumping, hind legs all akimbo as they spaztastically flit about with glee. They're like tiny dalmation puppies crossed with lambs (nobody tell Cruella). They are everything good and cheery and ohmygodwhentheyjump! THE JUMPING! I cannot handle every euphoric little side-kick they make. Life is almost cruel in its adorableness sometimes.

Even their faux-fighting headbutting business is precious! There is nothing these little nuggets of adorability could do that wouldn't be the cutest goddamn thing you've ever seen on a Sunday afternoon. NOTHING!

What's great is that this is just one in a SERIES of videos. As if your heart could even take it.

That last one is particularly delightful because it reads like the introduction to a sweet '80s sitcom about a motley crew of lambs just livin' the dream on a dairy farm, getting into hilarious hijinks and total tomfoolery.

I'm dead. I've died. You hath killed me, Internet, and now I am but a ghost. A specter living off the fumes of the sort of incorrigible joy that can only be found in funny animal videos. So here I shall stay forevermore.

HT: Jezebel