Weird Al Yankovic Hates Your 'Lame Claim To Fame,' Starf--kers

Like that time you were in line at a Starbucks behind Neil Patrick Harris.

Continuing his 8 videos in 8 days onslaught, Weird Al Yankovic has a new parody song to share — though it's more of a pastiche, really — and this one goes out to all the starf--kers. All you 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon fanatics, and anyone who's maybe kinda/sorta seen a celebrity out in their everyday life. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Sound familiar? Everyone has that one friend, right? (Or maybe 7 if you live in Los Angeles or anywhere near Calabasas) That one person who knows a guy who knows a guy, or totally probably maybe sat next to this one guy this one time and and and — listen: those stories? They're kinda LAME. Because — and don't tell anyone this — celebrity run-ins really aren't all that interesting most of the time.

Harsh? Well that's because so is the world, kid. Featuring a bevy of stop-motion animation, Al's latest, "Lame Claim to Fame" may not be a straight-up riff but rather a tune done in the style of some southern-fried rock. Because why not, right?

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