Radhika Marya

Pitchfork Festival Has The Most Adorably Awesome Concert Posters In The World

Who needs a museum when you have a brick wall and some paste?

Photos by Radhika Marya

Chicago, IL - Rock posters don't always have to feature dewey-eyed boys in leather jackets squinting at the camera whilst wearing tight jeans and sad, sad smirks. Sometimes, they can be works of art -- at least at Pitchfork Music Festival, where they have the most drool-worthy collection of concert posters we've ever seen in our various meanderings.

With hands firmly crossed in front of us -- so as not to have too easy access to wallets -- my trusty photog Radhika and I gazed like children in a sea of frolicking puppies at the many glorious and brightly colored poster arrayed at the fest.

We've got a peek at the goods below. Those at home, feel thankful that your wallets are not as empty as mine currently is. Top Ramen, here I come.

This Weeknd poster is bringing back some House Of Balloons memories...

Snakes on a poster

I bought that Bill Callahan poster (The middle yellow one!)

Obligatory cat shirt photo

These Avett Brothers posters are as lovely as their tunes

I don't even know where to look, but Sharon Van Etten rules!

For people who love Grace Potter AND sports

Modest Mouse? Try 'Way Badass Monster' Mouse

This is probably the coolest Dave Matthews Band has ever been

So many amazing St. Vincent posters, so little money!

Radhika Marya