Remove A Letter, Ruin A Band: The 13 Most Lol-Worthy Tweets

We definitely don't want to be serenaded by Rake.

Clashing egos? Romantic entanglements? A crippling addiction to exotic-animal-fur eyelash extensions? Nope, it turns out that the easiest way to ruin a band is to simply remove a letter.

Trending right now on Twitter, #RemoveALetterRuinABand is a pretty self-explanatory meme. From Drake Rake to Pearl Jam Pear Jam, here is a roundup of the 13 funniest tweets.

1.) Guns N' Rose

2.) Rake

3.) Börk

4.) Grateful Dad

5.) Ace Of Bae

6.) Cosby, Stills & Nash

7.) Cypress Ill

8.) Pear Jam

9.) Mob

10.) B.o.

11.) Guns N' Ross

12.) Panic! At The Disc

13.) Simple Pan