This Is What Missed Connections Look Like In Real Life

Love is in the air at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Photos by Radhika Marya

Chicago, IL - I don’t know about you all, but I fall in love at least 10 times at every festival. (Hello, dude in the Metallica shirt! What’s your name, man grooving in a tweed jacket in the middle of July?) Luckily a gentleman named Craig has given us a list that we may use to find our lost future paramours. And for that we owe him many kitten kisses.

Well, Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival has done that dude one better – they have an IRL “Missed Connections” board. Analog-leaning folks rejoice!

Romantic that I am, I was pretty excited to stumble upon this massive board (pictured) studded with multi-colored slips of paper containing missives of lost love. Apparently, fest-goers can, if they like, peck their yearning letters on typewriters (because Pitchfork! Twee!). I, myself, struggled with the keys when I tried to write a letter to my lost youth, when I first attended this fest at age… well, never mind. Those with more nimble, non-arthritic, fingers may have better luck. But I digress…

If that special dude or lady sees your letter, they can hit up the volunteers on hand (who are way nice, by the way) who will stamp the slip of paper with the word “Connected.” Get this, a few hours into the first day of the festival there were already more than a few connected slips studding the board.

I may go add one myself right now… Watch out Monsieurs Metallica and Tweed!

Writing A Letter To My Lost Youth

I Hope They Find Love!


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