Exclusive: We’ve Deduced You’ll Want This ‘Sherlock’ Apparel From SDCC

The game is a shirt!

Sherlock” may not be returning to the BBC until some time next year, but that doesn’t mean the Great Detective won’t be taking over San Diego Comic-Con. And now, thanks to the BBC Shop in booth #4129, you’ll be able to show everyone else at the Con just how devoted you are to Benedict Cumberbatch’s high functioning sociopath:

SKF0140003 BBC
SKF0140003B BBC

This awesome t-shirt that, shall we say, may also be applicable to several members of the Comic-Con community is available in Men and Women’s sizes small to extra-large, and will set you back $20.

SKF0140004B BBC
SKF0140004 BBC

Get your Watson-in-a-funk going with this “I Don’t Shave” shirt, which also costs $20 and comes in men’s and women’s small to extra-large.

SKF0140001B BBC

You know you have a devoted fandom when even the mysterious lighting fixture in 221B Baker Street demands its own hoodie. Sherlock’s cowhead-skull-wearing-headphones lamp gets just that, for $40 in small to extra large.

Now fingers crossed Moriarty will take over all of the screens at Comic-Con with a bit of the old, “Did you miss me?”

You can also pick up all three seasons of “Sherlock” on DVD, and more from the BBC Shop online.

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