Blue Ivy Follows In Beyonce's Steps -- Literally: See The Pic

BRB, obsessing over this ***flawless toddler.

Stop what you're doing, and look at Blue Ivy. Why? Because in this photo that her mom, Beyoncé, Instagrammed on July 17, the crown jewel of America's crown is gleaming so damn brightly.

In the pic, lil' girl Blue is walking -- nay, skipping -- side-by-side with the "Drunk In Love" singer backstage at the On The Run Tour. I mean, I'd be skipping too if my mother was straight-up dominating the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with a pack-leading eight nominations, wouldn't you?


I can't get over how mobile Blue is. What is she, walking at a first-grade level? This toddler is so accomplished. When will Prince George?

Truly the only #RoyalBaby that matters.