Did 'Teen Wolf' Fans Pull Off This Year's Biggest Fandom Feat?

Some not-so-random acts of fandom are up for a major honor at the mtvU Fandom Awards.

There's no denying that fandom is a powerful force; one strong enough to bring the entire internet to its knees. But sometimes, fandoms go beyond the usual art-making, fan-fic-writing, cosplaying shows of affection, and take their love for a favorite show to a whole other level.

In the past year, some fans have really gone the extra mile to show they care, accomplishing truly heroic things in honor of their favorite shows. The best of those gestures are now up for a very distinctive honor: a win in the Fandom Feat of the Year category at the mtvU Fandom Awards. Which of these powerful acts of fandom will take home a trophy? Let's round up the contenders.

"Teen Wolf"

The fan-driven Sterek Campaign Charity Project raised a whopping $25,000 to open a sanctuary for wolves, teen and otherwise. Even if Sterek never becomes canon, their devoted shippers will always have something to cheer about.


When NBC dropped the axe on their beloved show, fans rallied with the battle cry, "Six seasons and a movie!" Not only did their show of support ensure that the show would continue on in a new home, but they even managed to bring back Dan Harmon, its beloved creator.


Thanks to the "Supernatural" fandom, actor Misha Collins was able to found the charity Random Acts. Projects including AMOK, Hope2Haiti, and E4K all have fans of the brothers Winchester to thank for their support.


So devoted were fans to Hannibal Lecter's delicious cuisine, they rallied to ensure a second season for the good doctor and his merry band of pursuers.

"Veronica Mars"

When the announcement of a Kickstarter to fund a "Veronica Mars" movie went up, Marshmallows were off and running to make sure it happened... a feat they accomplished in all of ten hours, raising $2 million to see their favorite investigator get her big-screen moment.

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