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What Can Hailee Steinfeld Tell Us About 'Pitch Perfect 2'?

A master course in the art of playing it cool.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Apart from the cast (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and many other original stars returning), director (Elizabeth Banks!) and release date (May 15, 2015), we really only know one thing about "Pitch Perfect 2": it's gonna be aca-amazing.

Hailee Steinfeld, who is joining the cast and will apparently be a fresh face for the singing sensation Barden Bellas, wasn't able to elaborate on fresh deets about the movie. Like, at all.

In an interview with MTV News in support of her new movie "Begin Again," Steinfeld charmingly and repeatedly sidestepped questions about the tuneful sequel.

"I just kind of show up," she laughed when asked about her dynamic with the Bellas. Somehow, we don't quite believe her, but it doesn't make us like her any less. Ditto to her answers about what songs we'll hear her singing, including a not-so-sincere offer to blast the movie's playlist for us.

Watch the clip above to see more, and to have Steinfeld feed you a pile of lies about Lady Gaga.