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Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Be A Pop Star Like Keira Knightley

You read that right.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Stop us if this sounds like something out of "Inception," but actress Hailee Steinfeld wants to be like Keira Knightley, who wants to be like Katy Perry. Bwuh? Huh?

Steinfeld, who co-stars with Knightley in the charming New York City-set movie "Begin Again," chatted with MTV News about how darn good Knightley is at, well, everything. She acts, she's gorgeous and, as she demonstrates in the movie, she's got a nice set of pipes.

Of course, Knightley chatted with us before the film's release about her surprising pop-star icon: Katy Perry. The draw was, specifically, the special effects Perry frequently utilizes around her chestal area.

"I heard about this," Steinfeld said. "I would definitely go see her in concert. I'd be front and center for sure."

Check out more of our chat with Steinfeld above.

"Begin Again" is in theaters now.