Shady Records

Been Trill And Shady Records Release Limited-Edition Collection

The art collective Been Trill is getting deeper into the merch game. After teaming up with Kanye on Yeezus-themed offerings—which was a fitting merch debut considering Been Trill includes Ye's right-hand man, Virgil Abloh—the crew has put together a new collection for Eminem's Shady Records. Perfect timing, too, considering Em's seven VMA nominations were announced this morning.

Shady Records

This time around, Been Trill added some splashes of color to their offerings. The Shadytrill Collection consists of four different T-shirts decked out in yellow, black, and white graphics. With all the insignia—a skull, exclamation marks, "Shady" in dripping block letters, and, of course, hashtags—the designs bring to mind the kind of logo-heavy gear that Nascar drivers wear, in the best way possible.

The best part? The T-shirts, priced at $35 for a short-sleeve version and $40 for long-sleeve, won't set you back that much. You're going to have to act fast though—Em's fans are a very dedicated crew and the collab is sure to sell out shortly.

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