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The 21 Least Sexy Cosplay Photos Ever

We're keeping it PG.

Since San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, it's time that we talked about cosplay.

With big comic book conventions, there's inevitably going to be myriad photo galleries of the sexiest costumes in San Diego, but that's not why I'm here today.

I want to discuss perfectly good cosplay that could in no way be misconstrued as the least bit sexy. I'm not talking about embarrassing photos that will eventually be life-long regrets. These are the great costumes that don't aim to be provocative in the least.

1. Maybe I'm just not enough of a hardcore Miyazaki fan, but there's nothing sexy about Totoro.

2. The fashion of Quail Man has not aged well, even if you ignore the sweater vest-tee shirt combo. And those whitey tighties.

3. Bossk, the least sexy bounty hunter.

4. There's literally nothing appealing about this. Shoulder pads are played out.

5. BMO is extremely cute and completely non-sexual.

6. Unless you're a never-nude, this probably isn't your thing.

7. A cat with bread around its head is a nice, non-titillating variation on the sexy kitten look.

8. What? How did this get in here? These are supposed to be non-sexy.

9. Please, just got away.

10. Maybe this would have killed at Comic-Con 1600.

11. Something happened to Finn.

12. Putties somehow manage to make a full lycra suit unappealing.

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13. Who has any idea what's going on under those Daft Punk helmets?

14. Felix the Cat has almost definitely been neutered.

15. Nothing gets the ladies hotter than gutters full of blood scabbing over.

16. It's hard to hit on people while they're simultaneously throwing away greasy burger wrappers into your costume.

17. Uglydolls have no fingers or hands.

18. A purple silk chef's hat doesn't up the sex appeal of your "Jack Nicholson Joker with streaking normal makeup" costume, sorry.

19. Is "Doctor Who" the geek favorite with the least amount of sex appeal?

20. Yes. Definitely, yes.

21. This is proof that the best cosplay doesn't have to be sexy.