Song Premiere: Jesse McCartney Is Tired Of Being 'The Other Guy' On New Ballad

Jesse finds himself in a love triangle he just can't seem to want to get out of.

Jesse McCartney is experiencing a world of hurt, but he just can't seem to let go.

On Friday (July 18), MTV exclusively premiered Jesse's brand new ballad, "The Other Guy," off his upcoming fifth album, In Technicolor, due out Tuesday, July 22.

The pop singer lets it all out in an extremely emotional, vulnerable and stripped-down song about what it's like being the "other guy" with a cheating girlfriend. Jesse, who sings that he knows what it's like to be on both sides, understands that sustaining the relationship is wrong, but he just can't end it.

"Girl, I'm sitting here wondering what it is that we've done/ Baby, who am I?/ To be the other guy/ 'Cause I've seen tables turned/ A world of hurt/ I never want to feel twice/ I know what's it like from the other side," he sings.

The simple piano-ballad shows off Jesse's strong vocal range, which gives us some serious Justin Timeberlake vibes, as he battles with his emotions and wanting to be so much more than his girl's "great escape."

"If it's him that you've chosen, then you need to start closing the door/ 'Cause while he's at home waiting, we can't pretend that we're something more," he belts.

The song follows Jesse's first single, "Superbad," which sets the tone for his retro, throwback-type album.

"This album sort of has a retro flare, and you can hear that throughout the record," he recently told Los Anegeles' KISS FM. "It has a lot of that late '70s, early '80s pop-funk influence, so Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, they all made an impact on me at a very young age growing up listening to music. So I wanted to make an album that was sort of a reflection of what I grew up listening to."