The Four Best Bites From 'Snack-Off''s Date Night Episode

Between romantic treats and late-night munchies, see how the judges chowed down.

A date night for most might include wine, chocolate or fine cheeses, but on "Snack-Off," YOLO Toast and Butta Between the Buns are the menu's specials.

On tonight's episode, three amateur chefs were tasked with making one meal with ingredients typically associated with romance, and another that included hot dogs as a key ingredient. The cooks sweat, bled and even downed tequila shots to cope with the stress of the insane time limits, but when the dishes were served, it was all worth it.

Sure, there were a couple of entrees that belonged in a landfill, but that made the reactions of the judges -- Yassir Lester, Chrissy Teigen and Jason Quinn -- all the more delicious. Look back at the four best bites from the latest competition:

4) Yassir Lester on the Hot Sex on Toast

3) Chrissy Teigen on the Hot Sex on Toast

2) Jason Quinn on the Sensual Salmon

1) Chrissy Teigen on the Sensual Salmon

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