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That Terrifying Doll From 'The Conjuring' Returns In The 'Annabelle' Trailer

Hope you don't like sleeping.

James Wan's 2013 haunted house flick "The Conjuring" was pretty much terrifying across the board, but the film's opening moments -- you know, the ones that centered around that possessed murder-doll that wanted to be besties with a couple of 20-something roommates -- were arguably even creepier than the central plot itself.

Therefore we have "Annabelle," a "Conjuring" spin-off that serves as the doll's origin story -- because, you know, every doll has an origin story. From the first official trailer, it certainly seems like Annabelle was initially a flesh-and-blood woman with a thing for scary children's toys, home invasion, and stabbing pregnant ladies, but Warner Bros. is yet to release the film's synopsis:

"Annabelle" hits theaters on October 3.