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Lady Gaga Wants You To Stop Wasting Water: Watch

Kindly hold your A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E until the end of this PSA.

Do you remember how in order for Lady Gaga to shoot her "G.U.Y." video at California's Hearst Castle, she had to agree to film a public service announcement concerning water conservation? Sure, why not. Well, the Save Our Water PSA has finally been released, and, while it may not boast the production values of your typical Gaga clip, its message is what's important.

"I had the honor of shooting my music video at California Landmark Hearst Castle," explains the 28-year-old singer, who is sporting a white wig, black hat, and a pair of wayfarers against a blank wall. (Anyone else having a flashback to Gaga's SXSW announcement video?) "And, while I was there, I learned about the necessity of water conservation during this drought.

"Do your part to help save water at home. Go to" Will do. I'm off to purchase a floor-length white wig to cut back on how much water I waste washing all two inches of my hair.

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