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Bleachers Join The Late-Night Sad Crowd With Public Access Show

Also, there are clowns.

Jack Antonoff: I think it's time you challenge your girlfriend, Lena Dunham, to a quirk-off. The musician is out with his debut record as Bleachers, Strange Desire, and he's heralded its coming with a series of off-kilter stunts, the most recent being a public access special titled "Thank You Very Much."

"I was home in New York, it was two in the morning and I was having cereal, just flipping through the channels," Antonoff told Rolling Stone. "I landed on a public-access show with this bizarre choir singing a song that seems like it never should have been written. I was transfixed. And I realized I loved the idea of someone discovering more of my music that way."

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The result is a 30-minute carnival of weird featuring tunes, clowns, "Eastbound & Down"'s Steve Little and a ton of other friends. "My agent, Mike, plays my dickhead sidekick," Antonoff said. "My sister Rachel is in it. Our crew did all the sound. Ben Berman, who directed, called in a lot of favors, the whole set is handmade. We literally created a cable-access show."

The special aired earlier this week on public access channels in New York, Nashville, San Jose and Albuquerque and is slated to re-air over the next few days.

"Thank You Very Much" is just the latest in a string of creative promotion for the fun. guitarist's new record. Bleachers previously announced the title and release date of Strange Desire via Craigslist ad and answered fan questions in a series of custom, throwback AIM chatrooms.

Antonoff's most recent effort, however, is the most elaborate -- and reminiscent of the Black Keys' Turn Blue promo, which included televangelists and hypnotists.

Could bands appropriating retro TV be a full-on trend? We certainly hope so.