'Finding Carter' Star Cynthia Watros Hated Being Called 'Pickle'...Not That We Blame Her

The actress -- plus co-star Kathryn Prescott -- is sharing stories about some not-so-cool nicknames.

With the help of Gabe and his pals, Carter Stevens discovered on Tuesday's "Finding Carter" episode that the woman she believed was her mother has accumulated a list of aliases, and now, Carter isn't even sure of her real name. So, out of curiosity, have show stars Kathryn Prescott and Cynthia Watros ever had pseudonyms, too?

In a recent interview with MTV News, the ladies shared stories of nicknames past, and Cynthia's, for one, came with an inflated sense of sophistication.

"Before college, I was Cyndi, and then I think I went to college and I was like, 'You know what? Now I'm Cynthia,'" she recalls in the video below while mime-smoking a cigarette. She says she was "pickle" at one point, too, but that name didn't exactly fly.

Kathryn, meanwhile, explains that her only moniker was a nod to a movie you may have seen...a few hundred times.

So what was Kathryn's childhood nickname? Watch the clip to find out, then tell us if you've ever had a second identity!