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Watch These 20-Somethings Casually Kidnap A $10,000 Dinosaur

Maybe they needed the replica to re-enact 'The Land Before Time.'

Two 20-somethings who were probably just overexcited after seeing last week's Jurassic World brochure decided to steal a baby dinosaur replica from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Monday.

The replica was of an Edmontosaurus hatchling, a duckbilled dino that when fully grown would have been as large as a T. rex. But the $10,000 model was only 12 to 14 inches long, which made it easy for one of the bandits to stash it away in her purse.

The North Carolina State Police released security footage of the dino abduction to help identify the culprits, who have yet to be apprehended. Here's a few key highlights from the tape:

(We're calling the boy Littlefoot and the girl Cera because we secretly hope they needed the replica to re-enact "The Land Before Time.")

Part 1: The Stealth Entry

Littlefoot gracefully steps over the barrier. Cera hands him something -- we're not quite sure what -- but it's probably a tool to help him survive in the dangerous prehistoric landscape he just entered.

Part 2: Failing At Dinosaur Acquisition

Littlefoot picks at the ground, contemplating what to do next. He has a fit of indecision (perhaps it's his guilty conscience?), causing him to retreat to the barrier.

Part 3: Dinosaur Acquired

Screw conscience. Littlefoot goes back and retrieves the almighty baby dino.

Part 4: Get The F-- Out

Littlefoot leaps over the barrier once more, ready to leave with his new prized possession.

Part 5: Wait, Hide The Dino!!

Uhh, come on Littlefoot. You can't just walk out of a museum with a dinosaur in your hand. Luckily Cera's well-prepared for the situation with a roomy purse.

Part 6: Continue Hiding The Dino

Cera and Littlefoot take their time stuffing the dino into their bag. They're pretty much taking a leisurely stroll through the exhibit they just stole from, no big deal.

Part 7: OK, Now We're Done

Visit's over. Time to go. Nothing to see here.

Littlefoot and Cera also allegedly robbed the neighboring North Carolina Museum of History, where they left with $1,000 worth of goods. One priceless artifact just wasn't enough for them.

Here's a complete video of the dinosaur kidnap, in case you'd like to see all the details:

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