Catey Shaw

Is This The 'Hipster' Rebecca Black?

Also, why?

I'm not going to do the whole, "Brooklyn is officially over" thing here because that's officially over (285 Kent closed, a Starbucks came to Williamsburg, and I have yet to find myself lost in the Nothing). But, I will point a trembling finger toward Catey Shaw's "Brooklyn Girls" video and ask, "Why?" I mean... I just... I... What?

All trussed-up in #Seapunk hair from circa 2011 and a cadre of sassy outfits, Shaw bounces all around the 11211 and the 11206 singing about how all the ladies in BK are "tough and pretty" while they "break the rules" -- a.k.a. they drink on the roofs of brownstones (Sidenote: Who can afford a brownstone?), hook up in bathroom stalls, and wait for the L train!

I'm not sure how one can "break the rules" while waiting for the L train, but I did see Lana Del Rey eating pizza once on the Bedford Avenue platform and I'm pretty sure you can't eat on the subway so there's that.

I'm not wholly sure what to do with this video (except recoil in shame at the fact that I wear "combat boots in the summer" exactly like the ones that the video displays) so I opt that we all just choose to ignore its existence. Why not eradicate it from your memory with MC Lars' 2006 classic, "Hipster Girl." At least that vid is clearly a parody. If only for the 4:20 minutes that it runs, the world will make sense again.