Chet Cannon Just Invited His Former 'Real World' Nemeses To His Wedding -- But Not Without A Couple Of Digs

Let's just say that Devyn and Sarah's invitations were very personalized.

The most recent season of "Real World" might have boiled down to warfare between exes, but in 2009, the show was an out and out battle of the sexes. Chet Cannon and his male housemates rarely saw eye-to-eye with Devyn Simone, Katelynn Cusanelli and Sarah Rice in Brooklyn, but it seems plenty has changed in the five years since.

Chet, who announced his engagement to Danielle Paxton in April, has decided to invite at least a couple of his former nemeses to watch him walk down the aisle. And though it's nice to see the olive branch extended, Chet made sure to leave at least a little bit of the hatchet un-buried.

Devyn Simone's Instagram

"Thanks @chet_cannon for my wedding invitation," Devyn posted to Instagram last night with a photo of her very customized invite. "I appreciate the personalization. (a black girl joins J-Date 1 time and she never lives it down...)."

Sarah, who also scored a ticket to the big day, got an individualized stamp as well -- and swiftly commented on Devyn's photo. "Lol mine said "mr and mrs Sarah VINNY rice"... Thanks a lot Chet," she said, revealing that the groom-to-be had referenced her former "Fresh Meat II" partner/hookup. Does that mean she's a sure thing for the bouquet toss?!

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