Emma Stone Collects Ectoplasm-Covered Ghost Quarters

Spooky! Also, gooey.

With buzz building around her role as a spiritualist (or possibly a scam artist) in "Magic in the Moonlight," it was natural that Emma Stone's appearance on Letterman Wednesday night included some discussion of the ghostly realm.

And as it turns out, the actress has relevant personal experience with otherworldly phenomena! Although Stone wouldn't really explain why she's so sure that her deceased grandfather is leaving quarters around for her to find - "It's such a long story that you'd have to go to commercial five times," she said - but suffice to say that she's definitely a firm believer in supernatural coinage.

Also, she's got an intriguing personal definition of "ectoplasm" that really begs for a longer conversation. Can someone please make it their personal mission to invite Emma Stone to dinner, get her a bit liquored up, and make her tell all of her ghost stories? Inquiring minds need to know!