Need To Know: Who's Marrying Winnie Cooper?

Also Emma Stone reveals what her dead grandfather keeps leaving her.

With additional reporting by Janelle Myers

What Would Kevin Arnold Think?

Sorry, Winnie Cooper fans, but your beloved "Wonder Years" girl-next-door is officially off the market! Danica McKellar took to Twitter and Instagram to break the news (and a lot of hearts) that she is engaged to her boyfriend Scott Sveslosky.

Usually Dead Grandfathers Leave You More Money...

Emma Stone told David Letterman Wednesday that she believes that her dead grandfather is leaving her quarters everywhere she goes. She revealed that there is a long family history with quarters and is CONVINCED that there is no other explanation for the mysterious appearance of these coins. Oh yeah, and did I mention Emma has never actually met him?

Drizzy And Breezy Patch Things Up

Drake and Chris Brown have definitely squashed their beef in this skit featured on the ESPYs Wednesday night. If you recall the two were involved in a brawl at an NYC nightclub back in 2012, but Breezy's cameo in this skit mainly starring Drake and Blake Griffin and this photo of them working in the studio prove that they're all good.

Selena, What Does Tat Say?

Selena Gomez sports some new ink on her back, but at first glance you won't know what it says unless you understand Arabic. She asked NYC-based celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang to etch "Love Yourself First" on her skin, and in a E! News interview Bang Bang revealed that the singer wanted to get this done for a while now.

Must-See Video Of The Day

Check out this mini-documentary of the man (or hero?) who has eaten nothing but pizza for the past 25 years. This proves that, yes, you can survive off of eating pizza every day -- as long as you don't mind occasionally blacking out and suffering from diabetes.

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