7 Times Drake Killed It Hosting The ESPYs

We couldn't pick just one.

Despite the fact that early reviews deemed him a “chicken head,” Drake undeniably killed it hosting the ESPYs on Wednesday night. Even I — as a foreigner to the world of “sports” — managed to be entertained throughout the two-and-a-half-hour show, and Drizzy and his all-linen everything are the only ones to thank for that.

It’s hard to pick just one best moment from last night’s show. So instead, we picked seven.

1. When He Let Chris Brown Cut Him Open
Guess those bottle-throwing days are behind them?

2. When He Dressed Up Like Manny Pacquiao And Sang ’Let It Go’

3. When He Tore Apart Donald Sterling… In Song
“Sterling never loved us.” Get it?

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4. When He Seductively Blew In Lance Stephenson’s Ear
Because he’s the romantic rapper, after all.

5. When He Read A Super Raunchy Poem For Skylar Diggins… And It Somehow Worked

She didn’t let him dig in but she did give him a kiss on the forehead.

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6. When He Brought Out Brian McKnight And Had Us Starting Back At One
Like a dream come true.

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7. When He Introduced Floyd Mayweather In A British Accent
And with medieval-era trumpeteers by his side. Because, it’s Floyd Mayweather.

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