Skipped Your Summer Reading? These 20 Required Reads Are Movies Too

Just breathe and break out the cliff notes.

It’s already August and you haven’t even bent a corner on your required summer reading book. You probably don’t even know where it is right now. Maybe under that pizza box in the corner? Nevertheless, time is ticking by FAST now that you’re being bombarded with back-to-school ads on an hourly basis, reminding you that summer vacation is almost over.

Because we care about your future, we went ahead and organized a list of 20 summer reading books, gathered from schools across the country, that have also been made into movies. So instead of having a panic attack about how you’re going to read 300+ pages in two weeks, microwave yourself a bowl of popcorn and, literally, watch and learn.

“Lord of the Flies” by William Golding

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