This 'Shazam For Fashion' App Has A Few Kinks To Iron Out

Yesterday, it was announced that Kate Bosworth was launching Style Thief, a new app that could help users recognize and purchase new clothes. The app is part of a growing trend to merge tech and fashion—if you see a shirt you like, you could (ideally) take a picture of it and buy it within minutes. I figured the best way to know whether the future actually is now was to try the app for myself—here are my findings.

Topshop/Style Thief

I figured I'd begin my experiment with a picture of a dress I knew was currently being sold at Topshop. I would know automatically whether or not the app was right, since I had the actual info sitting in front of me. Turns out, I didn't even need to dive into the deets of the dress because, um, my result was a $689 Burberry dress. Oh, also, it was white.

'W' Magazine, Style Thief

Next I figured I'd try an image from an editorial. According to WWD, one of the app's main purposes is to identify pieces featured in magazines—even if it's not an identical match, the app claims, it would provide alternatives. I settled on a monochromatic croptop from Narciso Rodriguez and was matched with a $77 white tank top. Maybe the app is just looking out for me—an $850 shirt isn't really in my budget.

MTV/Style Thief

Since I was having no luck with women's clothing, I figured I'd try to find a men's shirt. Spoiler alert: I didn't find an exact match. I did, however, find a similar button-up—it was even the right color!

Topshop/Style Thief

Style Thief is limited in its categories—there are no shoes or accessories, for example—so I figured since I was on a fairly accurate matching streak, I'd give a dress another shot. With my eyes closed and fingers crossed, I submitted a striped dress from Topshop. Guess what? My streak continued—Style Thief found the right dress!

The app definitely has some kinks to work out (add shoes, please!), but the fact that it's even accurate sometimes, or can provide similar items, is pretty impressive. I mean, 10 years ago iPhones didn't exist, so I'm willing to allow a brand new app to make a few mistakes. Updates will undoubtedly come soon and, in no time, I'm sure I'll be style twinsies with Rihanna.

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