The '16 And Pregnant' Moms Take Their Final Exam

The cast members are quizzed one last time on their knowledge of birth control.

By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

For the past few weeks, the teens from this season of "16 and Pregnant" have been using their experiences and educating others on what they've learned — and doing their part to help prevent unplanned pregnancies.

And now it's time for one final pop quiz! Why are young women more at risk for unintended pregnancies? Can jumping up and down after sex help prevent pregnancy? Can certain sex positions prevent pregnancy? Can Dustin say "vagina" without his girlfriend giggling? During the test, powered by, the girls and their boyfriends (or, in one case, aunt!) face off and test their knowledge about contraception.

+ Did you do better than the "16 and Pregnant" cast members? Watch the video and visit to learn more about all the different methods available.