She Takes A Photo: 6.5 Years | Beckie0

Watch The Selfie Become Powerful And Inspiring In This Time-Lapse Video

6 years of living, more than 2,000 selfies.

A lot can change in six years, and one U.K.-based film student captured all of those changes in a powerful video in which she grapples with depression and other issues via a series of daily selfies.

"Hello, my name is Rebecca Brown and that was six and a half years of my life," the 21 year old says at the end of the four-minute video. "Pretty scary stuff." We tend to agree -- but we would also add the word "inspiring."

The video begins with a fresh-faced Brown at age 15, ticking through roughly 2,100 photos -- according to the caption -- as the girl grows up. Captions inform us of heartbreaks and new friendships, as well as issues with trichotillomania, which compels people to pull out their hair, and depression, which drove Brown to suicidal thoughts. "Life happens, Depression hit rather hard. I'm on the mend," she says in the caption.

It's a stirring portrait of a life in progress and all the pitfalls and triumphs even a short amount of time can contain.

Brown is not done with her selfie project, though, even after posting the video. "I intend to do the project for as long as I can, it's still going," she says.

We're interested to see what the next six years bring -- hopefully more triumphs than anything else.