Hillary Clinton, We Picked Some Campaign Songs For You

From Miley Cyrus to Jay-Z, We've Got It Covered

With artwork by Janelle Myers

Hillary Clinton didn't officially announce her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election Tuesday night on "The Daily Show," but she might as well have. In between tidbits about her newly released memoir "Hard Times," Mrs. Clinton admitted she prefers an office without corners, likes to work from home, and prefers causing traffic to being stuck in traffic. It all adds up.

If Hillary were to run for president, a lot of important decisions would have to be made, and choosing a campaign song is up there. To make things a little easier, we put together some suggestions that we think rep her perfectly.

"99 Problems," Jay-Z

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We think Hillary agrees with Jay on this more than most.

"The Climb," Miley Cyrus

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Miley understands: The struggle is real.

"Roar," Katy Perry

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In case Katy Perry runs out of time to write a new song for the campaign, "Roar" will do just fine.

"Run the World," Beyonce

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Because who will run the world-- a girl!

"Salute," Little Mix

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Hopefully people will take the lyrics literally.

"I'ma Boss"- Meek Mill

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The boss, that is.

"Work Bitch," Britney Spears

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We think Hillary's campaign would agree with Brit on most of these major points.

"Independent Woman," Destiny's Child

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It doesn't get more independent than this.

"Suit & Tie," Justin Timberlake

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Get it?