What Black Canary's Return Means For 'Arrow'

Caity Lotz is back in season three, but what does it meeeeeean?

Caity Lotz is coming back! After leaving "Arrow" at the end of season two, sailing away on a boat forever, she's set to rejoin Team Arrow at the beginning of season three.

According to TV Guide, Sara Lance will be back in the very first episode of the season, marking the shortest forever long boat trip of all time. Not only that, but the title of the season's second episode is "Sara," suggesting that Lotz will be around for more than the one-shot visit.

But with Sara coming back, that puts an extraordinary amount of things we knew about the denizens of Starling City in flux for season three. Here's how we think it all might break down.


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We know that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) will be going on a rudely interrupted, much anticipated date in the season premiere. But will the aborted rendezvous be further interrupted by the return of Oliver's ex-girlfriend?

Probably, right? Particularly as Felicity develops an interest in guest star Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) for most of the season, it's probably the ghost of girlfriends past that drives Felicity back away from Oliver's very muscular arms.


Speaking of Oliver, of course having Canary back is going to play with his emotions. He's just getting his footing as a hero when the new season opens, and having Sara — who definitively chose the life of an assassin with the League of, err, Assassins — returning will show him the path not taken.

Not only that, but with Sara back in Starling, could the League be far behind? Whether she's defected again, or just back to take out a target, it definitely means that Nyssa al Ghul, and maybe even her father Ra's are due an appearance as well.


One of the bigger moments on the season two finale saw Laurel donning Sara's distinctive Black Canary leather jacket, teasing her eventual ascendance to the Black Canary moniker herself. With Sara back — and mind you, we don't yet know whether she'll be calling herself Black Canary, or something else — things are certainly in doubt about Laurel trying out the ol' sonic scream for herself.

Plus, add in her missing sister/the woman who dated her true love Oliver returning, and you have a recipe for some serious shenanigans. Could this be the event that pushes Laurel towards drinking and drugs once again?


When we last left Quentin Lance, he was dying in a pool of his own internal injuries. Yet when season three picks up, he's (maybe) back on top leading the Starling City police department. Assuming he is large and in charge, and finally getting the lawless town of Starling under control, will his wrong-side-of-the-law daughter cause havoc for the straight and narrow policeman?


Honestly, we can't really see this affecting Diggle in any way. Dude is made out of ice.

Are you looking forward to Caity Lotz's return?