DC Comics

11 Great Superhero Costume Redesigns

Even superheroes understand the power of retail therapy.

The brand new look for Batgirl has gone over extremely well with comic book fans, but this isn't the first time that a character has found renewed interested thanks to some new clothes.

For as long as there have been superheroes, their costumes have been changing, but some redesigns are better than others. Here are some of the very best.

1. Green Lantern

The switch from Alan Scott to Hal Jordan moved Green Lantern into the realm of sci-fi and much closer to the hero we know today.

2. Miss/Captain Marvel

Jamie McKelvie's redesign of Miss Marvel for the Kelly Sue DeConnick-penned relaunch played a huge role in establishing the character as one of Marvel's most popular heroes.

3. Batwoman

The female counterpart to the Dark Knight was finally taken out of the '50s with this outfit.

4. Iron Man

Iron Man had to come out of that cave eventually. This redesign established the red and gold pattern that would last decades.

5. & 6. Spider-Man (Symbiote & Miles Morales Ultimate)

The wall crawler has seen so many different iterations, but these two, mostly black outfits hold a special place in the heart of fans. (Even if the symbiote costume wasn't popular at the time.)

7. Storm

Of the biggest complaints about "Days of Future Past," not giving Halle Berry this classic do was near the top of the list.

8. Wonder Woman

Controversial but undoubtedly refreshing, Wonder Woman's jacketed look was modern and unbounded by convention.

9. Venom

When Flash Thompson took on the symbiote, Marvel rethought the characters direction in way that felt new, while maintaining the monster.

10. Star-Lord

Peter Quill's makeover in "Annihilation: Conquest" updated his goggled look from the classic comics and inspired the version we'll see on the big screen.

11. Drax the Destroyer

Returning to the spotlight for "Annihilation," Drax lost the cape and picked up two knives.