Vic Mensa Goes On A Wild Trip For 'Feel That' Video

The Chicago rapper is on a mission to bring back the fun.

Fun is the key. Once you lose the fun, something's gotta change. In his new video for "Feel That," which premiered on Wednesday (July 16), Vic Mensa takes a wild trip to bring the fun back.

Joyrides, strippers, dance-offs and even a cameo from Chance the Rapper, who tries to shake him out of a fun-induced coma. "The video completely reflects the vibe of the song,” Vic told MTV News on his video set. “I see music in colors and this one was like green, orange, purple, dark hues and that’s what the video is.”

He explained that the song came together during an afterhours studio session.

“Me and [Smoko Ono] was in the studio one day and I’d made a different record, and then I was like, ‘man, put on the beat, lemme just freestyle over over one of your beats,’” Vic said, recalling that fateful night. “It was like middle of the night — we’d been in the studio all evening — I was talking sh– in the booth, and I said ‘I feel that.’”

And that's how the magic happened.

Catch Vic Mensa's performance on “Wild ‘N Out” tonight at 11 p.m. EST.

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