Watch Anna Paquin's T--ties Get Censored On 'Late Night'

The 'True Blood' actress got bleeped a bunch for using a word that rhymes with 'kitties.'

When Anna Paquin sat down with Seth Meyers to talk about the final season of "True Blood," she had some particularly interesting insights to share about the challenges of shooting Season 1 flashback scenes seven years after the show's debut. Specifically, there were two major obstacles to recreating her Sookie Stackhouse look from back in 2007.

"We had to put those costumes back on," Paquin said. "And it turns out that pre-baby [boobies] are, like, so much bigger than post-baby [boobies]."

Except, of course, that she didn't say "boobies." Instead, she used a word which neither MTV nor NBC can unleash upon the virgin ears/eyes of our audience, resulting in multiple bleeps.

"Can I not say that on network television?" Paquin asked. "I've been on HBO for too long!"