Brody Jenner Finally Explains Why He Skipped Kim Kardashian's Wedding

'The Hills' alum insists it wasn't a 'diss.'

Brody Jenner raised quite a few eyebrows after he was a no-show at stepsister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West two months ago.

"The Hills" alum’s absence sparked rumors that there was a rift between the two, but Jenner’s clarified this week he and his sister are all good.

“Not going to Kim's wedding was not me trying to diss her and Kanye," Jenner told People at the 9th Annual All-Star Celebrity Kick-Off Party Monday night. "I simply had a very last-minute thing. They didn't want to let people know about their wedding early in advance, and I had already booked gigs in Chicago and some other places, so I was already working."

Jenner’s girlfriend, model Kaityln Carter, was also noticeably absent from the nuptials, but there’s a good reason for that, too.

"Of course Kim would let me bring my girlfriend if I wanted to," said Jenner. "I'm her brother – it's her wedding. I am allowed to bring someone if I want to."

Jenner has a good reason for missing Kim’s big day, so why did he attend her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush’s wedding over the weekend?

"I've been friends with Reggie for a very long time," he explained. "I really love him and he's one of my favorite people on this entire planet. I got to have a really close relationship with him through him and Kim being together."

Backlash or not, the only thing Jenner’s concerned about is what Kim thinks.

"The only opinion that matters in this situation is Kim's, and me and her are good," he said. "She is incredible."