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Drake Loves Pro Athletes: Here's 33 Pics To Prove It

Yes, new friends. And the 2014 ESPY Awards host's got plenty.

Rappers and athletes have been rubbing shoulders for years, but Drake seems like he's taken things to a new level with his fandom and friendships. Or at least with his photos.

Drizzy has been snapped buddying up with dozens of sports stars over the years -- and he's even taken some heat for it. The Toronto native has been accused of jumping on some bandwagons, but he swears that's not the case.

“First of all, I'd like to say that despite what everyone on the Internet thinks, I do not team jump," he said on a conference call with media on Tuesday, part of a promo run for his gig hosting the ESPYs Wednesday night (July 16).

"In the past I’ve always supported the player and not the institution -- unless we're talking about the Kentucky Wildcats and the Toronto Raptors; I will never stray from them. But whether it comes to soccer or football or basketball, I have a lot of friends that play for a lot of teams. I’m not team jumping. I’m a supportive friend."

Yup. He has a lot of friends. And he's very supportive. So before Drake sees some old ones and makes some new ones at the show tonight -- with plenty of photo evidence to support, we can only assume -- take a look back at his web of athlete friends.

1. "Draft day, Johnny Manziel"

2. Look, He Got Bill Belichick To Smile (And Doug Flutie, Too)

3. Unbridled Love For Kobe Bryant, LeBron James And Demarcus Cousins

4. "Don't Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring in?" (And no, apparently he doesn't still have it in, according to this pic)

5. John Calipari, Of Course

6. The Toronto Drakes (Occasionally Known As The Raptors)

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7. "I been Steph Curry with the shot/ Been cookin' with the sauce, chef curry with the pot, boy"

8. "I Just Wanted To Play Catch With You, Russell Wilson!"

9. "Pass Me The Ball, Chris Bosh!"

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10. Listen, Just Because He Posed With UConn Hoops Legend Richard Hamilton Doesn't Mean He Was Rooting For Them Against Kentucky

11. "Run this sh--, Usain Bolt"

12. Looks Like Didier Drogba And Drizzy Were Looking At Different Cameras, But That's OK

13. What's The Deal With Drake And Soccer Players -- Frank Lampard, Here -- Not Looking At The Same Camera?

14. OK, Seriously? Tim Cahill, Too?

15. "Went from my n---a serving it by the tele to venues in Manchester/ Just swerving with Balotelli, the f--k are you trying to tell me?"

16. Trying, Failing At Helping Terrence Ross Repeat As Slam Dunk Champion In 2014

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17. Hugs For Dwyane Wade!

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18. Hugs For DeMar DeRozen!

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19. "Gettin' cheddar packs like KD, OKC that's player sh--"

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20. With The 2014 Super Bowl Champs, Seattle Seahawks

21. And Their Smiling Coach Pete Carroll

22. "I'm on my King James sh--, I'm tryna win here again"

23. Would This Photo Of Drake And Magic Johnson Upset Donald Sterling?

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24. "On some southern drawl sh--/ Rookie of the Year, '06 Chris Paul sh--"

25. "H-Town my second home like I'm James Harden"

26. That's The NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher, Emmitt Smith

27.-33. Basically Everyone That's Ever Played Hockey

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