Dad Responds To MAGIC!’s ‘Rude’ In The Best Way Possible

Pappa Bear isn't afraid of doing hard time for his baby girl.

Listen up, Nasri Atweh. Dad is here to explain exactly why he’s gotta be so rude, and he’s not afraid to tell it how it is.

Who is MAGIC!?

Musician Benji Cowart has been blowing up the Internet this week for his take on MAGIC!’s “Rude” video, tossing out zingers like “You say you want my daughter for the rest of your life / Well you gotta make more than burgers and fries” and remarking that it’s time for this 28 year-old-boy to move out of this mother’s basement. After all, he’s just trying to “do what a dad should do” and “keep her away from a fool like you.”

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