'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Chelsea's Esthetician License Is Suddenly Out Of Reach

Aubree's mama gets a letter from The Department of Labor -- and it isn't good news.

Chelsea celebrated the completion of her esthetician program last season on "Teen Mom 2," but now some unexpected news is forcing her to put her work life on hold.

In the sneak peek from the show's season premiere, the young mom gets a notification from The Department of Labor saying they're charging her with violating its protocol.

"So I just got this letter in the mail -- they're withholding my license because of the wedding I helped you with," she tells her friend Landon on the phone. The duo, along with Chelsea's daughter Aubree, then meet for lunch to discuss the situation.

"Please find a copy of a complaint that has been filed against you for performing aesthetic service for a wedding while you were unlicensed," she reads from the letter before deducing, "So basically, you can't do it if you're getting paid -- which we weren't."

Landon agrees. "You kind of were helping me," he says. "I was overwhelmed with the amount of people."

So what will Chelsea do now that her license is in danger? Watch the entire clip to find out, and be sure to tune in to the season premiere of "Teen Mom 2" tonight at 10/9c!