'W' Magazine

Normcore Refuses To Go Away

'W' magazine tries the anti-fashion trend.

We've been fascinated by the creation of normcore ever since it first appeared on our radar in February. Since then there's been a series of think pieces about the anti-trend. I even wrote a fashion fanfic about it. Unfortunately, it appears that W magazine's invitation was lost in the mail. "Banal Plus," a spread from W’s August issue, includes Birkenstocks alongside Adidas socks and sneakers, but also $2,095 Stella McCartney coats, a $3,350 Celine sweater, and a $61,000 Dior coat (special order, naturally).

'W' magazine

While W nailed the whole socks-and-slides thing, pairing them with an expensive Dior coat does not suddenly a normcore outfit make. Some things aren't meant to be highly stylized and printed in the pages of a fashion magazine and that's totally fine—we can stop trying to make normcore a recognizable trend now, OK?

'W' magazine

Normcore is inherently anti-fashion, so to turn it into fashion by providing expensive pieces with which you can achieve the look is a lot for my mind to wrap around. I feel like I've entered into an alternate universe or something. What's next, a fall campaign starring Jerry Seinfeld? Oh, wait.