Demi Lovato

Get A Sheer Bomber Jacket Like Demi Lovato

Being a summer goth doesn't have to be a total sweatfest.

We're not gonna lie—it's pretty dang hard to stand out in our celeb-packed Instagram feed, but last night Demi Lovato posted a pic that stopped us dead in our, erm, finger tracks. She shared her "Really Don't Care" single art, which featured a monochrome sportswear ensemble complete with smokey eyes, burgundy lips, and one badass stance. After staring at Demi's killer summer goth game for a good 30 seconds, we immediately thought, "Wait, why don't we wear a simple sheer bomber jacket over a bra and look this good? WE NEED ONE ASAP." So, we scoured the interwebs for just that. Kill

If you're looking for just a touch of mesh, we recommend this sheer PU panel jacket (left, $40). The extra texture gives it some edge, but it's still totally summer appropriate. For something a bit more see-through, we love this lightweight organza number that won't leave you short-changed (middle, $80). For something a bit more sporty, we're dyin' to get our hands on this mesh jacket (right, $68) so we can finally pretend all our sports bras qualify as real shirts.

Net-A-Porter/The Dreslyn/Farfetch

If you want more of an investment piece, you can definitely go down the high-end designer route. DKNY makes an oversized bomber (think: past your mid-thighs) that can be layered over virtually any LBD (left, $395). For something that fits more like an actual bomber, we'd totally drop our paycheck on this BLK DNM sheer jacket with leather paneling (middle, $495). (The best part? It's on sale!) If you're hesitant to go all black mid-summer, we don't blame you. This mesh piece by Silent Damir Doma features just a hint of hunter green, which is perfect for badass-ifying (that's totally a word) any ensemble in two seconds flat ($416).