Kwamie Liv Gives Us A Dose Of DGAF With 'Comin THRU'

'Comin THRU' puts us in our place.

With the cruisin', summery vibe of the new Kwamie Liv song, we can ride out this heat wave until the end of time.

Just imagine yourself coming out of a bodega, Arnold Palmer in hand, sweat dripping down the back of your crop top. Place your headphones on your ponytailed head, pump up "Comin THRU," and forget about everything -- even those haters scowling at you across the sidewalk.

Kwamie Liv, the Danish singer sometimes labeled as the "second coming of Lana Del Rey," turns "Summertime Sadness" into "Summertime Madness" in this new track. With angel-voiced synths and sparse spurs and clicks, you'll feel like a chill, easy-going babe just taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

Next thing you know, Kwamie's singing "Down on this street corner, we make the rules/ I don't know what you do/ We go higher, we go higher." The production rolls into an M.I.A. rolling beat, and you'll want to push aside anyone in your way and crawl into your gangsta car, turning your new anthem up for all to hear -- whether they want to or not.